Grace Lutheran Church Omro, Wisconsin
Grace Lutheran Church       Omro, Wisconsin

Introducing Grace Lutheran Church- Bible Based, Christ Centered, Family Friendly


We Are:

  • A family that... has been called together
    in faith through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to share that faith with
  • A family that... is composed of young and
    old, single and married, secure and seeking
  • A family that... gathers in worship to
    celebrate the Good News that Christ has risen for us all
  • A family that... meets together to study
    and to be empowered by the Word of God
  • A family that... encourages and prays for
    one another
  • A family that... comes together to build
    our relationships and to support one another
  • A family that... rejoices in baptism and
    Holy Communion, marriage and birth, and all the gifts of God
  • A family that... cares about sickness and
  • A family that... grieves at the loss of a
    loved one and shares comfort from God
  • A family that... uses our God-given talents
    to serve others in our community and in the world

What People Look
What are people looking for
in churches? Surveys of Americans who are seeking a church indicate they are
looking for:

  • Uplifting Worship
  • Bible-centered preaching and classes for
    all ages
  • Warmth and friendliness
  • Acceptance and belonging
  • Absence of conflict
  • Child-centered ministries
  • Hope and meaning
  • Caring people
  • Variety of groups
  • Unconditional forgiveness
  • Spiritual leadership

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Grace Lutheran Church

720 Jackson Ave

Omro, WI 54963


Phone: +1 (920) 685-2621


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